Bespoke Design


The story behind each engagement ring is sacred – not because of the ring itself, but because of the love story it represents.


Viljoen Jewellers offers a high-touch personal experience. During our one-on-consultation, we make sure we understand exactly what you want. Our expert designers use your love story as inspiration to create the perfect ring that will capture it. Not one couple is the same so we can design anything from a simple, elegant ring to a bold statement piece.

How does custom ring-making work? We provide no-obligation transparent pricing. Our team will equip you with what you need to know about choosing the right stone and precious metals.


Our state-of-the-art 3D technology will show you your ring design from every possible angle. These detailed images will give you peace of mind that our goldsmiths will perfectly craft the ring of your dreams.


Our workshop is conveniently situated on-site, which allows our design team and goldsmiths to work closely together. Together they ensure that each step of the manufacturing process is executed to precision.

Final Masterpiece

We take great joy in helping you create a lasting symbol of your love. Inside each custom-made piece, you’ll find our signature Viljoen diamond. That’s our way of thanking you for inviting us to be part of your story.

Either visit us in person or online. Our workshop is situated a short drive outside of Cape Town. We follow the same high-touch approach with our online consultations as we do in person. If you don't live close by, we take responsibility for ensuring your masterpiece is delivered safely.




Thank you Viljoen Jewellers for my beautiful engagement ring. I am in love with it! From an architect fiancé designing it… to Howie producing this beautiful piece of art. You have both made my day incredibly special!

Anje Holtzhausen

The ring is beautiful! Thank you for delivering it on our doorstep! And I see there is an extra hidden diamond! Thank you!

Diego Adomingo