Our Team

I base my design style on three factors – current fashion, the lifestyle of the client and the clients personality and style.
Lastly, I believe in adding an element of surprise – “the devil lays in the detail.”

Howie Viljoen


I don’t just sell jewellery – I make jewellery. This is an amazing opportunity to create something unique – something that is true to you! Your style and personality – YOURS.
Jewellery is esthetic and by being able to make it, we have the freedom to create. It is like painting on a new canvas, only you can make the picture unique.
I have a passion to create jewellery!

Marle Botha


Jewellery is different than other fashion accessories. It becomes a memory, a caption in time. When I design a jewellery piece, I have only the client in mind. This piece will become part of them – their journey, their memory. It is an incredible journey to be part of and I am so happy to be a small part of the story of your jewellery!

Anneke van As


You are my source of inspiration. I believe each part of your jewellery piece should be a reminder of a very special time. I design a feeling, I design sentiment.

Natasha Tolken