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Join us on a journey to custom-make the perfect engagement ring that will last a lifetime!



Let us help you choose the perfect wedding band to pair with the engagement ring of your dreams. Or pick a wedding band that will suit his lifestyle.



Bespoke & unique jewellery designs from the winelands in the Western Cape

“Art is like a dance of the Heart when the Soul is free.”

Here at Viljoen Jewellers we see our jewellery as something more than just a beautiful accessory. Even though they are physical creations from natural materials, we also see them as extensions of ourselves. Symbols for something beyond what we can touch with our hands. They stand for our inner thoughts, hidden potentials, and deepest dreams. It’s about a relationship between human and human and a fine romance between human and stone.

Our custom jewellery designs are playful, sophisticated with a tod nostalgia, inspired by simple things. The pieces are designed to invoke the very best in one’s simple sensuality and playfulness. Our jewellery designers are craft masters who ensure scintillating engagement rings, beautifully fabricated bracelets and hoops, glowing pearls, perplexing pendants, gorgeous gemstones, and many more for a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. The signature collections are manufactured right here in the Boland in Worcester from the very best of raw materials, diamonds, high-end silver and gold pieces and other precious stones.

We believe in exceptional one-of-a-kind and timeless pieces. We believe elegance is an attitude – not just an ephemeral beauty, but something that wraps you in charming authenticity for ever. It’s ok to be a little obsessed with jewellery and you’re never fully dressed without it.

Good things come in small packages especially when it’s jewellery.


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Our Marlowe collection embodies women with finesse and poise. Women who can light up a room and capture your attention with their presence.