family_1Wearing jewellery is not an exceptional daily ritual. The process of creating it, however, is. When we create a special piece for someone, we become part of his or her story. That is why we pour so much serious thought and effort into the creation process at Viljoen Jewellers. It is not merely a professional relationship with the client, but also a relationship with the raw materials, the design and the story that surrounds the moment.

“Our stories are inextricably interwoven.
What you do is part of my story;
What I do is part of yours”

– Daniel Taylor

We have been creating stories since 1950.

The late Mr. JL Viljoen, founder of Viljoen Jewellers said:

“Life is quite simple if you can create something, incorporate it into your life and thus make a living thereof.”

The love for fine jewellery design was brought to the Winelands when founder JL Viljoen opened Viljoen Jewellers in Worcester, South Africa in 1950. He was joined by his son, the late Mr AJ (Spyker) Viljoen, in 1955.

Together they created quality, custom jewellery pieces for their valued clients and, in doing so, shared their love for the industry with people.

The third generation Viljoen Jewellers, Wiekus and Howie Viljoen, joined their father in 1986 and 1992 respectively. The company continued building on its proud heritage and was soon expanded.




The expansion of the Viljoen Jewellers story continued when we welcomed the ‘fourth generation’.

Marle Botha joined the Viljoen Jewellers team when she completed her BTech Degree in Jewellery Design in 2008. Her love for people and her strong business sense has always been evident and in 2016 it was only natural for her to enter into a professional partnership with Howie Viljoen. This resulted in the VJ Worcester team we have today. The ‘Boland’, it’s people, exceptional quality, service, tradition and relationships built over time, are all of utmost value to them.

Read more about the 2017 store revamp here.




We are dedicated to serve and always strive to give our clients the best personal service. That is why we are on hand at each store to welcome you and offer you the best advice. Join us as we celebrate love, new beginnings, good times, laughter, milestones and memories through superior craftsmanship and magnificent jewellery.

“The linking of generations,
the historical lineage of family,
the sharing of love…
gives purpose to life.

– George Landberg